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MONDAY 20:00

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Oguri Shun, Shibasaki Kou


Ayano Go, Takei emi





Ayase Haruka




FRIDAY 22:00

FRIDAY 23:15

FRIDAY 24:52


Maruyama Ryuhei



SUNDAY 21:00

Nishikido Ryo, Mitsushima Hikari

SUNDAY 22:00

SUNDAY 23:15

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December 4, 2009

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Hello everyone -^^-

Welcome to nomanymore site, where you can find jdramas every season. A few important things you need to know beforehand: download links are secured by one unique password. There might be another password to extract rar files, it will be given along with the links. Due to MU shut down and MF suspended account, dramas before 2012 spring are gone. I don't have the files anymore so I appreciate any volunteer to re-upload.

Please read carefully these rules thereafter you'll understand, agree and follow it :

+ Do NOT use softsub or hardsubbed to upload on ANY streaming site!
(such as but not limited to youtube, dailymotion, etc & etc)

+ Nothing here can be used for Sale, Rent, Auction!

+ All Fansubbers' rules are applied here.

+ Do NOT hotlink / repost links anywhere without permission.

+ Do NOT edit / repost my graphics (banners, icons, gifs etc).

+ Don't ask me when the subtitle is out, or if there is any.

+ Dead links are dead. I can't re-upload.

+ Comments are moderated. So you won't see your comment posted immediately.

+ Any sort of Advertisement/Spam is prohibited and will be rejected with risk of banning.

+ The p@ssword to download is nomanymore

+ Cbox (chatbox) is not for request purpose. Any spam or such will be removed w/o notice.

+ Do not make request here, anything please email me [nomanymore[@]gmail.com] :)



nomanymore.blogspot.com does not host any file or media. We only provide links to other available sites
such as but not limited to Mediafire, Multiupload etc.
Everything is for sample use purpose only and must be deleted within 24 hours.

All copyrights belong to the respective broadcasting networks.


To support me, you can

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!! (^∇^)

~ ran ~


by Ran @ 12:00 AM  
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