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April 8, 2007
[08.04.07] Shounen Club - KoyaShige !!!

KoyaShige is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen, Damn itt !
SHIGEEE BE MINEEEE !!!!!kyaaaaaa~

*totally fangirl mode*
I love you I luve I luve u luve luve you luveeeee youuuu XD~
poor me, I dun't know wat to do but fall in luve with u, more & more each day~

I have to see you when I go to Jp, even from afar,
..so plizzz dun't "get married" before that, or I'll cry ah~

Shige's solo was ,no word can describe his hotness ahhhh his sexy voice totally knocked me down ah *faint*
Chirarizumu is indeed a the cutest song ever haha, the choreography was very "unique" omg
(I ripped it & put it on the Playist already!)
I can't imagine anyone could do this but KoyaShige!!! It's like written for them!! I wonder when will they debut a single too! yup Tegomass is good enough, they sing well & all but they dun't give that innocent yet baka feeling in their perf as KoyaShige, that's the difference..Perhaps becuz of the song!yo I can't stay stand right now, kyaaa have to move move move

Keii-chan puppy eyes kill me , kyaaaa~

Caps Caps I want more caps!!!

^ Shigee, I miss this head, ma~~

KS ! as KATO SHIGEAKI ! yeahhhhh
eehhh my friend just points out for me, "it's RS ,ran, not KS!" ,okay I know I should not comment when I'm in a fangirl mode haha ! so RS as ROCK STAR... wow Shige u're definitely one!

Shigeeee kyaaaaaaa XD !!!

damn it, u're so hot.... *faint*

2 as one !

kyaaa XD chotto, kawaiiiiiiiiiii
Keii Keii !!!! iyaaaaaaaa

XD baka baka baka BAKA !!! yo!

^ see how happy KoyaShige are together ?!

...............................*O* ^

KoyaShigeee!!!! BIS BIS !!! kyaaaa I workship you !

Credit to marikitpvs

Koyama: So, let's start! I will start now by introducing my friend.
Nakamaru:Yes, yes yes!
Koyama: Kato Shigeaki!
KS: Domo!! Hello!
Nakamaru: SO, Kato-kun,
KS: yes?
nakamaru: at this time, I heard about a place you and koyama train in.
KS: oh,that...( i couldn't catch what he said)
Koyama: righ right
Nakamaru: what do you play?
KS: The two of us go to the beach.
Koyama: during play time, we drink tea
Nakamaru: cafe?
Koyama: We eat iced tea and panini.
KS: yeah panini
Nakamaru: Are you like college women?
Nakamaru continues: but about these two yuto
Yuto: Yes, I am a since I was a Junior and I want to specially share about NEWS Kibou Yell CD which I watched and thought I have to hurry and work hard become more like them
Koyama: That's a lot of Respect.
KS:There is so much appreciation, that I can't believe. what do you want?
Koyama: What I still can't believe
Nakamaru: Kato- kun,I heard you had a something you just started?
KS: So the Start, right?
Koyama: Right
KS: what is it? But this year,I think it was in my head by chance/accident when we were in LA and we started using the camera.
Nakamaru: Oh, Pictures?
Yuta:single lens reflex camera
Koyama: You when you were taking pictures in LA, you dont have a good handle on the camera.
KS: (Laugh)
Koyama: all of it was out of focus!
Nakamaru: Out of focus? Out of focus?
KS: Wrong! only half were! saying that all of them are is a lie!
Koyama:(i didnt catch what he said)
Nakamaru: So all of them are was a lie?
KS: Yes, all of it was a lie. No, no, it was a lot difficult. Because it was my first time doing this.
Nakamaru: So you only started then
KS: Right.
Nakamaru : Indeed, but you got a song right now? SO, lets get you on stanby
KS: Yes,
Nakamaru: Koyama kun also will join him right?
Koyama: (something about going together with shige) we will do it together.

Thanks for everything~

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by Ran @ 9:29 PM  
  • At April 9, 2007 at 3:51 AM, Anonymous Kimi said…

    *squeel*omg so cute kya!
    koyashige is my new favorite pairing


    ran you made me
    a shige fan with this video :P

    for the first time ever!
    i saw a few guys in the crowd of Shounen Club
    shige you manwhore<33

    p.s. this song is now syuck in my head *goes off dancing*

  • At April 9, 2007 at 4:19 AM, Blogger Nomanymore said…

    ^ yeah u're right, I didn't notice it (since I was totally focused on Shige lol)..

    This is quch a catchy song ne~

    KoyaShige all the ways XD~

  • At April 11, 2007 at 3:58 AM, Anonymous kimi said…

    ここでもうちょっと もうちょっと
    Now a little bit, a little bit more

    ほんのあとちょっと あとちょっと
    Just a little bit, a little bit more

    秘密のパラダイス 見せてくれ BABY
    Show me your secret paradise, baby

    Hey Girl グッとくる
    Hey girl, you make me hot

    Hey Girl チラリズム
    Hey girl, it's a peep show

    好きさ それが僕たちの男の性
    I like it, because we are male.

    Hey Girl ドキッとくる
    Hey girl, you make my heart beating

    Hey Girl チラリズム
    Hey girl, it's a peep show

    見えそう 見えない ぎりぎりのライン
    It's almost shown, but still hidden behind the border line

    組み替える スリム美脚が
    When you change your crossed slim and beautiful legs,

    気になって 気になって しかたないんです
    We can't stop paying attention to it.

    だからもうちょっと もうちょっと
    So, a little bit, a little bit more

    下心出して 心出して
    I will tell you my secret desire and my mind

    本能と煩悩は 我慢できない
    I can't oppose to my instinct and passion.

    もうちょっと もうちょっと
    A little bit, a little bit more

    ほんのあとちょっと あとちょっと
    Just a little bit, a little bit more

    純粋な純白を 見せてくれ BABY
    Show me your innocently white one between your thigh, baby

    Hey Girl チラリズム
    Hey girl, it's a peep show

    Hey Girl チラリズム
    Hey girl, it's a peep show

    だからもうちょっと もうちょっと
    So, a little bit, a little bit more

    下心出して 心出して
    I will tell you my secret desire and my mind

    本能と煩悩は 我慢できない
    I can't oppose to my instinct and passion.

    もうちょっと もうちょっと
    A little bit, a little bit more

    ほんのあとちょっと あとちょっと
    Just a little bit, a little bit more

    秘密のパラダイス 見せてくれ BABY
    Show me your secret paradise, baby

    RAN!? did you know the lyrics where this naughty!?
    wahaha i cant stop laughing
    ma i wonder what those 2 been doing
    *cough*yaoi*cough* XD

  • At April 11, 2007 at 4:46 AM, Blogger Nomanymore said…

    oh yess XD~ omg thanks for the lyric, it's hilarious;omg KoyaShige!! what do u want me to imagine ?!! kyaaa

  • At April 13, 2007 at 8:03 AM, Blogger foxhana said…

    O_O RAN~~~!!! i need translations. shige seldom talk that much, need to konw. LOL

  • At May 7, 2007 at 4:38 AM, Anonymous ~.:suShi:.~ said…

    ummm just a note to ran...i don't think you have to worry about shige getting married...i heard that johnny jrs can't have girlfriends or marry...thats why there are never girls dancing with them in music vid and they don't go out in public with girls unless they are related...shige won't be getting married any time soon...so don't worry^_^

  • At May 7, 2007 at 12:04 PM, Blogger Nomanymore said…

    ^ oh yea sushi I know it , that's probably something I "agree" with Johnny, well not really... As long as they dun't make it 'public' right ? uhm anyways, must see him ,it's all that counts ^o^

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