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February 13, 2007

Konbawa, it's ran, well who else could it be haha

1st to not forget cuz I've tried to keep it since this morning, have to write it down now.. it's about my dream last night.. a weird one.

Well having a dream, being in it is normal, but last night there's someone in it, someone i didn't expect (not very much least), it's Tegoshi.....O_o, it's not my 1st time (!) well it's my 2nd time.

The 1st time I said to myself that might be I watched too much drama & such,but yet that dream was also weird..I'm not really sure about the detail now but I remmber we were going to karaoke together (with someone else ?..uhm) then we played some games (scissor,rock,paper) if u lose u have to drink (beer?), I must have lost alot cuz I was totally drunk, then...*scratch* then when I wake up I found myself on a bed, and when I turned my head on the right......a guy sleeping peacefully next to me (!!) and who is it?! Tegoshi Yuya in person ! @~@ That period I was crazzy in love with Akira !I kept asking myself why on earth that B typed was doing in my dream ?? wat a mystere..

And last night, that guy did it again,but this time, I was not in the story, I was just a viewer or uhmm argh I can't remmber but that's not important. What's principal is what happened, in fact Yuya met a "woman" (I dun't know why but i had a feeling that she was not a simply "young girl") and they both fall deeply in love ;but due to some unexpected circumstances & people for some reasons are opposed to their relationship (I can't remmber the detail, something about his popularity?), and then they decide to separate though they still love each other ! (dun't ask me how can i be sure, I was there in my dream and i saw them!lol)...After that I didn't know what happened ,but one day Yuya's found dead (@_@) (he has an accident? there again I dun't remmber).. and the woman was really sad, she cried so much. And she comes to their favourite place (a building?),it seems like a very signifiant place for their love then she learnt that the place will be destroyed for new constructions in some time. She was shocked but didn't know what to do, her surrounders suggest her to forget about Yuya & leave that place..
The day she leaves, she visited the place for the last time, then suddendly at all surprised, Yuya appeared (!!) ...but soon he said that he was Yuya's twin brother (O_o) and that his brother tells him to come here today...at that moment I didn't understand wat's goin on then all of sudden ..the guy reacts strangely, like he was posseded by something, he screams "ahhhh"....I dun't know why I knew it but I knew it was Yuya's spirit that posseded his twin brother. Without waiting a sec he runs to the woman & hugged her tightly, he starts crying over.. it was really..touching & heartbroken.."I miss you I miss you so much! Pliz dun't leave, if u leave I dun't know where to go, pliz dun't leave me..I love you.... this is the place I met u, do u remember.." then he said something about root,blood,body.. I can't remember exactly his words, but he was in true pain, he cried & yelling at same time , I can recall exactly his expression , soo miserable & pitiful , his desperated screams "ahhh aah..." I dun't know how to describe it .. just too painful to see that..
& it becomes blurred...I remmber then the woman decided to stay , and she did everything to protect the place from the demolition.. And I dun't know what'd happen between her and Yuya's twin brother though..

then I wake up, I just opened my eyes, everything is black .. and.. I realized that was a dream but when I stand up a tear flows down from my eye....

I admit that it's the 1st time I see such an emotional scenery in my dream..I wanted to help them but unable to do a thing..
I wonder, why TEgoshi ?? and that woman who is she? maybe she exists or maybe not !
I hope that my dreams are not premonition.... haha ..euh... I dun't think it's a thing to laugh at -__-

The other day I went to shopping, this time alone..
As I only have few hours I dun't waste them on uninteresting shops (aka clothes)
So I went to a little gifs shop called "Character."
There u can find many wellknown marks for little girls such as Hello Kitty, Pucca, Chococat, but my fav is Kam Kam & Don Don !! ^o^ luve the style, simplist but cute !
The shoper must know my taste (?) when I was at cash, she gave me this bag :

^are they just so cute XD~ kyaaa I luve Kam Kam & Don Don !! haha
But now I think of it, all I purchased were Kam Kam & Don Don's lol

^ A magazine organizer, is Kam Kam looking funny ? *cough*it ressembles me *cough* hoho

^ a pencil, I dun't really need it for now but well ...

and and I also bought this...
they hold it in car right ?

While crossing a road, there was a little boy (9-10yr old) holding a younger boy's hand, I guess it's his younger brother.. I wondered they're alone or they're lost. Cuz they were at the opposite side of me I can't help them to cross .. I observe them, the older one looks really calm whereas his younger brother couldn't stay stand but moving anywhere.. he points at something & says something to his elder brother that I couldn't hear. I have impression that the older one got on nerve with his younger brother's curiosity lol At a moment the younger tends to cross when there's no car but the signal was red, the older shouts and pull his hand back, I was surprised seeing his serious face he made to his younger brother ohh~ .It made me smile, haha I turned my face away and smile secretly, cuz I found it cute.. how a 9-10 yr old boy taking care of his younger brother.
One more thing I just want to add, they're black..
Do u think anything would change if they were white ? ...nope
Love is not reserved to some persons or some "races", anyone has the right to be loved and to love someone who's important for them..

There's no meaning saying 'my love is more significant than urs'...or 'ur world is different from mine'... that's absurd.

Badges !! I luve badges ^__^
Here's my very 1st badges for NewS... (another 1st time hehe)

I messed up little but the result was satisfied ne~

I will make more in the future XD~ and I'll give some to my buddies hehe

And yaaaaaa it arrived XD~ NewS' Kibou Yell~ LIMITED Edition !! omg

I bought it double original price @o@ brand new & unopened ! iyaaa NewS

^personally I luve this logo most !!

ANd I also found someone to buy NewS' concert stuffs for me yayyy! but why must it be so expensive and why I want everything ahhhhh~ I know I'm too greedy, so what ?!! LoL

NewS more NewS~ kyaaaaaaa


One last thing ,uhm I hope that someone could read these lines :D cuz actually I need a favor from my visitors, if you have time, pliz check over my site.. I mean every single page of it and check the links if it's still available or expired.. Cuz I want to reupload all those links at once to gain time :) So someone pliz help me ! When u've done just email me and give me the details like

-Link to the page:
-Which links are expired:

Thank you !! Thank You !!!!

xxxx.. to all !!

Goodnight !

by Ran @ 8:20 PM  
  • At December 27, 2007 at 5:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    awww you are so luckyyyy
    i want that single too TT also cherish and sayaendou
    do you know about somebody who has it?
    awww i used to have a friend in japan but i dont know anything about her know xD
    heyyy if you wanna talk with me again my msn is icefrost12@hotmail.com
    im a big news fan n__n
    merry christmasss
    atte, tama*

  • At December 27, 2007 at 5:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    awww you are so luckyyyy
    i want that single too TT also cherish and sayaendou
    do you know about somebody who has it?
    awww i used to have a friend in japan but i dont know anything about her know xD
    heyyy if you wanna talk with me again my msn is icefrost12@hotmail.com
    im a big news fan n__n
    merry christmasss
    atte, tama*

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