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February 3, 2007

Mood: mixing feeling...

21 ... it's at that age that I wanted to get married when I was 10..
but now I wish at that age I could make fortune ..

many things are changing, even my dream, I wonder if myself is changing too..
becoming an adult is never easy... almost when you still feel as a kid.
but one day you make a decision very unlike you ,that moment means you've changed, you're not a kid anymore. sometimes you dun't even recognize it eventually but after, maybe it takes 1 day, 1 month, or 1 yr ..you just say "oh! how could I do that ?"
though certain things never change, like your mother's love for you, and i'm thankful for that, I'm glad that in this alwayzs moving world in which sometimes I feel lost I still have a place to return..*smile*

Many things happen to me recently... and unfortunately those things are not coming as I expected..
I feel lost ..
like in front of a crossroad, dun't know which way to take, which one is good, which one is bad...yeah you have indication boards & all but still u hesitate.. I just wish everything disappears ...

shit, it pisses me off.


Today I went shopping with mom. yeah..
Even if I know that we have different interests, but it's not a reason.. she's my mom.
My mom is hot-tempered , intelligent but sometimes careless & indecisive...sometimes she got my nerve when she stays over 3hrs in a shope becuz she can't decide on which color/size she wants. and when i call her, she gives a cold regard...well... in almost of time she'll finally find the one she wants and she'll leave the shop with a smiling face...she's my mom.
What scares me the most is when she has a serious face..it means she's going to nag/complaint/give lesson to you on something..sometimes for no reason..maybe due of stress at work, she just has to release it somewhere...after all she's my mom.
She usually makes me wait, well that becomes natural, but wat's struggling me is after that she just acts like nothing happened ...unbelievable ! at least say something kinda "have u waited ?" ,"sorry for the long wait", etc well u can't expect such thing from my mom , well well, she's my mom.

If one day we're apart, I can't imagine how lonely it'd feel..

The restaurant we had lunch was very amusing, aha .It's called "Hippopotamus !" ,as it is, the 1st thing u see when u enter, a fatty hippopotamus flashing to welcom u... "wow" , impressing, further inside there's a big o clock fixing on the wall, i've never seen an o clock that big in a restaurant lol it's like 2-3m large! while eating i observe the decor of the walls, lol all sorts of drawings of hippopotamus, i almost burst out when i see a hippo cooking & a chihuahua sitting next to him, haha I think it's the 1st time i see that much hippo in one day lol

It's sale season here, so I profite to do some economies ..hehe

-2 mangas : H2 of Mitsuru Adachi (my fav) not sale ah~
-a DVD of Pucca : included a tatoo, a thick full colored booklet XD~ iyaaa & sale 20%!!
-Harry Potter officiel calendar 2007 !!! big big one! omg it's sale 35% omg !!i was so lucky since it's the last one i found on the case haha
-a Box of Classic music : 6 CDs !! Beethoven, Mozart..^o^ okay I like this kind of music, any problem ?lol sale 50% !

on net ,can't believe that I ordered that much just for free shipping -_- :
-NewS' new single (both editions) XD~
-NewS' Touch Album (re-order)
-NewS' Nippon 0304 (finally found low priced lol)
-Arashi's new single (limited edition only)
-Boy'Z Gather Photo Album (Plastics Box) I luve Boy'Z !! they're so handsome LOL
-Clamp anthology (1st volume) 12 vol have been released already @~@ ah~

I dun't know why i list them there knowing that nobody's interested LoL well who cares haha...

TO finish pliz pay a visit at my YamaKi's forum !!

See yaa next time ;)
mua mua xx

by Ran @ 12:30 AM  
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