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March 9, 2008

Welcome to NewS' Palace ^o^

(CM) RUSS-K _ NewS (Hawaii)

2008.04.14 Zoomin NewS new CM preview

ran: I can't wait for SUMMER TIME, I'm loving it already lol

(CM) LAWSON Chicken Karaage _ NewS

ran: where indian? Pi tries to hunt down a colorful bird; Shigee tries to catch a fish (colorful too!); Massu who apparently mistook a strange colored snake to a sort of long fruit ^^; &last the too innocent &harmless Tesshi is calling for help because oh my poor can't get down of the coco-tree after climbing almost to top.. conclusion: NewS can't survive without LAWSON.., no, seriously LoL

(CMs) LAWSON Onigiri _ NewS

: 01 ; 02
ran: haha, they're such a band of dorks XD but how I love them lol ♥
&I never wanted to become an onigiri that much like now LoL

2008.03.31 2jichao! YamaPi

ran: indeed, Pi's smiling is still the best :)

(CMs) NewS - RUSS-K Spring (in Hawaii)

ran: There're 5 CMs in total, 15s each. I've joined them into 1 clip ^.^

Edit 2: now you can get all CMs subbed HERE!! ^o^

Edit: you can find Shige's Missing Lunch CM subbed Here (Thanks mousee_kitty@LJ)

RUSS-K CMs review (55s)

ran: looks like Hawaii is very popular in Japan lol

2008.03.24 Mezamashi - Keiichiro Koyama Butai
'Lost Time Life'

ran: I alwayz wish to have a "aniki" like him ~ X]
Keiichan! Gambatte ne~ ^o^ !!!

2008.03.02 Jounetsu Tairiku - YamaPi

ran: watch this &you'll see your idol's image under a different light...
and tell me if you still dream having such life ??
Edit: here's a translation or a summary,
Thanks to lilprox & watchful21@LJ ;)

2008.02.27 Sakigake! Ongaku

ran: Pi comments Shige will become 32yrs old anytime soon& the last reclaimed "Hatachi!" (20!) LoL

2008.02.26 NewS

ran: a very short promoting clip, nothing interesting..

2007.11.09 Mezamashi

2007.11.09 Mezamashi - Tegoshi Yuya "Shabake"

2007.11.01 Zoom in

2007.10.31 Sakigake! Ongaku

Teddy: That guy looks very pissed when the interviewer misspelled his name ^^;

24.08.07 Massu musical news

ran: kawaiiiiiiiiiii XD Massu+buta lol

23.08.07 Tegoshi 1st lead in "Shabake"

ran: ... O_O omfg. I dunno if it's wrong to say it but still, kimoii, it doesn't suit the boy style at all!! well ok it's for the drama.. for more details about .

[CM] TU - YU (Massu) - 15s

ran: aww.. looking at this makes me realize how much I miss his smile...

23.08.07 NewS RUSS-K news

ran: I've joined 3 news into 1 clip & uploaded on veoh for those who can't see it with Megavideo ^__^

23.08.07 Mezamashi - NewS RUSS-K

ran: NewS!!!!! XD

23.08.07 Morning suppli - NewS RUSS-K

ran: ShigePi ? KoyaRyo ?? O_o sthing's wrong here!

23.08.07 Zoom in - NewS RUSS-K

ran: "Weeeek" !! XD I like the song already lol I wonder if they'd release it since there's no new news about "Change the world" single :(

18.08.07 Mezamashi - Massu new unit

ran: news about Massu's new unit for "Akai Kitsune" and "Midori no Tanuki", instant noodles from Touyou Suisan commercials which's called "TU - YU" (to you) more details HERE.

10.08.07 Hanamaru Cafe - Shigeaki Kato

ran: what a hottie~~ XD Shigeeeee~~

28.07.07 Zoom in Tegoshi Yuya on One Show Man

ran: O_o wat the..

[CMs] Benesse - Change the World (NewS)

ran: omg, I've been waiting for it XD yataaa NewS !!! I want more NewS!!iyaaa

13.06.07 Mezamashi + Zoom in Keiichiro Koyama

ran: just kill me right now, before.. I shoot him her !!!

10.06.07 SC- Keiichiro Koyama _ Kibou~Yell~

[CM] High School Musical - Koyama Keiichiro

* 17.05.07 Zoom In + Mezamashi - Uchi Kusano

ran: ^__^ I know I know, it's a good news..

* 14.03.07 Helmes no itazura - Koyama Keiichiro

ran: dedicated to *a girl who can die for Koyama & happens to be my buddy ^-^*

* 27.03.07 Zoomin+ Mezamashi YamaP CM & Koyama graduation

* Tegomass News on Zoomin, Mezamashi, 2jicchao
Mezamashi 20.03.07 Tegomass

ran: the way they appear on TV everyday like that is somehow..scary oh~ ..Yuya, there's something on ur hair la~

19.03.07 2jicchao + Zoomin Tegoshi Yuya

ran: maa~ Yuya's voice.. sexy ne~ ..uhm should I take singing lesson?

Koyama in "High School Musical" 2jchao news

ran: some good news for Keiichan's fans hehe, I dun't have chance to watch HSM yet cuz it's not airing here yet but its popularity is proven on every page of mag I've read hehe.. bet it's a good show. But Keiichan as a highschool boy ? is it bit ... ? well it's ok with Keiichan lol
Quote some news (credit to news_jp +mikaela_angel07):
The cast includes Yuta Yamazaki, Shoo (of S.E.S.), Go Ueki, Yu Hasebe, Yoneko Matsukane, and Kentaro Hayami. It will be directed by Komei Sugano. (Oricon)

Keiichiro Koyama of popular Johnny's group NEWS will star in his first musical this June. The production is based on the hit Disney television movie, "High School Musical." In January, Koyama attended a performance of the musical in Atlanta, Georgia, along with pop star Nami Tamaki, who will co-star with him. After seeing it, he stated that he wanted to make it popular in Japan too. The musical will open on June 12 at the Aoyama Theatre in Tokyo.It was also reported that Koyama will be graduating from Meiji University this month. (Nikkan Sports)
The performance dates are June 12-28 at Aoyama Theatre, then July 5-8 at the NHK Osaka Hall. (Yomuiri)

[08.03.07] ZOOMIN +Mezamashi +Sukkiri_Happy Feet_Tegoshi

ran: I didn't know that "Happy Feet" got an Oscar O_o wow.. the director even gave it to Yuya who looks obviously overjoyed & surprised, well of course he just holds it for a while, &hontoo NewS is band of baka!! Interviewer : "What's ur feeling holding this Oscar ?"..*Yuya nodding* "It's heavy..(indeed)"...*ran faints* yappari, be honest is good but this is just...*shake head*
AH I almost forgot, Pi got a new haircut (again!)...yapari what does he want to become ?...well least it makes him 3-4 yrs younger lol (euh but he's not old oh!)

uhm now he looks even more baka *shake head*
More Caps ?!

he's just too in it hoho ^o^

btw is the way they hold the award bit weird, ?

even from this distance, u can percieve their white teethbright smiles (the pinguin's & the cat's lol)

I said he's just TOO in it ..man rofl~

-_- the cat & the single-eyelid are not side by side make me feel odd...apparently the single-eyelid has changed ? *cry*

looks like the "self-centred" changed his habit recently.. very familiar feeling, have I seen it somewhere already ?? hoho

06.03.07 TVBS NewS concert

ran: wow Yuya's flying, with his arm straight like that O_o sugoi...praying that nothing will happen ..ah

I Music Blog (CN) 2007 concert review

28.02.07 Mezamashi NewS Hoshiwo mezashite PV preview

Zoom in Super 29.02.07 NewS Concert news

ran: iyaa how I wish to be there XD~ can't wait for the cam/DVD hehe

ran: I joined 2 news from each channel so it's longer ^__^

After the drinking incident, NewS who has been out of the circle for 8 months is beginning their activities again.
YamaP says many thanks to those who had waited patiently for them ,and he wants to repay them in anyform and any way ,and since everyone is here ...he wants to make this year better than last yr.
Reporters talk about NewS' debut and saying that they went pretty smoothly and all the CDs went to oricon charts number 1; but in 2005, a 18 yr old member was caught drinking underaged and was penalised without time limit,then a 17 yr old member did the same thing which he denied. Johnny's says that he did something that aroused misunderstanding so penalised him too. And they stopped News' activities after the concert last april. There were even talks about disbanding them.
Shige says that it feels like that they're redebuting again and wants to show people a new NEWS !
YamaP says they contacted those 2 that were penalised and they accepted their punishment, and NEWS would definitely support them .

NEWS will now continue on with their activities as a 6 person unit and those 2 will start all over again.

Finally after the long awaited News is starting their activities again. Yesterday at 3 they held a press conference.
Koyama says that they are charged up more than before and would like to show their power in various forms to all the audience.
News has been on hiatus after an underaged drinking incident ,and members have been continuing their solo activity in singing and dramas, and they came back with 6 ppl from last years in Johnny's countdown concert .
Massu says he's so happy he wants to cry.
About the other 2 members, YamaP says the same thing that they will support them to start over.

NewS at airport to LA

ran: akak they're really determined for their "come back" ne~ *gamabatte NewS!* iyaa did I say that glass make guys more attractive ?! LoL as far, it's true for Shige ..YamaP .. Keiichan ..Ryo-kun and now ... YUYA XD~ i haven't seen Massu yet but i'm sure he'll look kakoii haha *where is P ?*

This is an extract of News Spring concert 2005's ending ,
it's fancam quality but it's really well done ^_^

They were still 8 , I have a chance to see Uchi on scene , they're so cute , ohhh~~

My eyes are watery when i see this scene T^T , 8 members of News , together , hands in hands , say goodbye to their fans ... i wish i could be there ..
together till the end !
. Part 01 .
. Part 02 .


by Ran @ 12:54 PM  
  • At May 10, 2007 at 2:49 AM, Anonymous ~.:suShi:.~ said…

    ummm ran can u plz send me the NewS at airport to LA vid...im having some problems downloading it...my email add is:japanese_cherry_blossom06@hotmail.com
    thank you ^_^

  • At September 10, 2007 at 10:31 AM, Blogger momo said…

    ran, a huge thanks for sharing News Spring Concert 2005's ending!

    I've been looking for that thing like ages?? Hehehe...

    Thank u , thank u, xie xie ni!
    Nice to know u :)

    ps: anyway do u have the full concert ?

    -momo chen-

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