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December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas ! ^o^ ! All my sweetest wishes for you~ muaaah

As alwayz, many things happen in the end of year. things to catch up, things to prepare , things to remember or to forget... this is the moment you look back and revise what you have done in 365 dayz in the past, and for 365 dayz in future..
If I say I dun't have any regret, I have lived my life fully...it's a lie. and I dun't want to lie in the end of year lol yeah I have indeed many regrets in the past.. time flies & I just pretend not to understand , then I just let go off all opportunities I had.... when I realized that I've lost somethings , it's already too late..
If you can do it today for yourself or for someone else, don't wait for tomorrow..

Yesterday mom & I went shopping.. she said she wanted to buy a new dress for me.. in fact last week a friend called her and invited us to her New year's home party. Since my mom luves party so of course she agreed..me, I hate party, well ..it's noisy, u see wat I mean , a party for housewives, haha. I dun't mind about my outfit, watever is ok, it's not my interest after all..So I let her there & went to a bookstore..& browsed around the newspaper corner, suddendly something caught my attention...ahhh I was really surprised when I saw a "Death Note" pic, it happens to be a magazine entitle "Planete JAPON" . I hold my breath & slowly open the book, and wow it's indeed talking about JP ! Jp news, Jp culture, Jp music, Jp Cinema, Jp news, Jp reports, wat more.. it evens gives lesson to learn japanese! wow...I can't believe that I've never heard or seen this mag before today...oh gosh it's n.6 ,I missed 5 numbers ahh~

It's true that you dun't find these kinds of mag everywhere when you live in France, haha, but now I'm happy that I found one :) especially as it's in french LOL yes & in colors yes yes
Here's some photos, (my scanner didn't listen to me recently, got mad ah~~)

^ Panda ! dun't u think that he looks like Massu ? LOL no wonder Massu said "Panda" last time haha , u can find it on top of every topic, kawaiiii


Perhaps love _ Takeshi Kaneshiro
I remember had it once on my comp but delete it due to lack of space ah~ the pic on the left is particularly beautiful aww made me want to watch this now lol

DEATH NOTE !!! Pacte avec la mort - La mort en lignes

^ u can't imagine how i feel when I started reading this article, my heart kept bounding X] it's not in English, not in Jpnese, not in Chinese but FRENCH XD~ kyaaa


Log book from Kobe to Kyoto

I luve this topic cuz I can learn a lot about this country from it :)

it's just so magnificent ...

in bref, I like everything about this mag, it's really well done , the articles are interesting, its quality is also well-treated, no wonder it only realeases each 3 months..It's the style of mag that I like & that I rarely see nowadays, they really worked hard on each detail ,the readers can feel the different from it to other worthless newspapers right away..


me ! haha today's big news : Ran got a new haircut !! yaattaa

can u see it sparkls ? not dandruff lol I asked the hairstylist to put on a little glittery power, u see it better on the other side ^o^ Do u think it's a bit short ? haha cuz my hair used to be much longer than that lol If u're curious, yup it's for the "housewive's party" haha

by Ran @ 9:17 PM  
  • At December 24, 2006 at 1:24 PM, Anonymous Azin said…

    Hey Ran, I intend to write my Christmas wish on shoutbox, but I stop by this entry...First, I want to wish you and your family (especially ur mom, you talked about her alot) a merry christmas and a happy new year. I hope all your wishes will come true, keke, NEWS will come back ne~~~

    Your new hairstyle is adorable, but why you hide ur face???

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