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November 13, 2006
#14 niia

Mood : in lovee... complex X]

I. self-talk ..nyaa
I definitely have a pb w my words .. apparently my jokes are not that funny even though it's a funny story but if it were me , no-one would laugh .. why ?? In a discussion , I'm the one who's less talkative .. perhaps I prefer listening to the others .. observing people talking &their expressions , is somekind a hobby ..(!) .. so that's why ..(^_^) My mom said that's not good , if you dun't speak ,nobody will notice you.. euh I do not have intention to attire people mom (!) lol , well , sometimes sure I feel lost or left behind ,it's true ..I'm just not good with words ..it's quite abnormal ne.. or is it called "unexpressionless" ?? yeah that must be that ..the pb becomes more serious when once I wrote a letter to my friends and the reply was someshow rude ,"do not understand " .. euh ? so I read it again and ..@_@ ". . . . ?" how can you want people get you when urself don't even understand ..(!)
This is bad ne~

II. KOI ... nyyaa

Can't get enough of KoyaShige rabu ...ma~ ,seriously they just made a "comic couple" ..lol if you haven't "read" anything you'd not believe lol wat i mean here is not some weird relationship as u think but a real friendship that I'm alwayz jealous of ..^_^

Wagahaiiiii~~ daisuki!

I think I've fallen in luve w this cat so far ... X] my life would have been just plain & mundane w/o him..The truth is after a long exhausted work day , knowing that somewhere "someone" is even more unfortunate than me , that kind of feeling is rather good LoL Somehow it cheers me up , at least for moment that I feel most depressed , suddendly it appears & made my day :)
Wagahai is a special cat =^T^= , so Shige is .
I used to find my life boring , just observing people around , trying to look for their little default ,..for nothing .Wagahai's view of life is totally different fr mine .. simple ,childish kind of i-do-not-care-about-watever , honest ,yet baka..sometimes I just shake my head & give up "that wagahai...hmff...really can't help" ..so that's how i feel more & more attached to that cat..you know wat kind of person i'm scared of most ?.. those who are called "good people", they act as ones , they make you feel their perfection ,they smile to you w an obvious faked smile...it's really scary staying w those people , and yet I have to see them everyday .you have to be strong mentally to live in this kind of society..
Do I sound weird ? just now ? LoL gomee ne~
it's okay if u dun't get wat i was trying to say , anyways if i'll read it again i wouldn't understand it either lol that's just me ..*sigh*

thanks Alkoi okay back to main subject , KoyaShige rabu ^o^
actually I'm trying to count how many times lol ever since that "single eyelid" appears in Wagahai's j-webs..lol

1."I cannot fall in love with Koyama's eyes." _
Six ran :lol wagahai & me share the same thinking , hoho

2."Small !His heart is too small. Not just his heart, his eyes got smaller too." _

3."Koyama Keiichiro is a baka" _
19 ran : u dun't have to be that direct wagahai !lol

4."Lately Koyama Keiichiro has been neglecting work.I will introduce a part of this condition of his" _
27 ran :Kei...*bowing* lol

5."It's lonely without those single eyelids" _
29 ran : I'd feel the same whenever my cat is not around..

6."The errand lives in Koyama Keiichiro's house.Please be careful" _
41 ran : Keiichann ! ..*bowing again*

7."These two's fashion interest really matches.Therefore when there's a sale at the shop one of them will ask the other along." _
48 ran : no doubt haha

8."Koyama Keiichiro might indeed be a baka" _
69 ran : Zodiac signs Keichan ..no worry u're not alone lol

9."To Koyama who is reading this jweb :I'm now at 3-4, but I can't get the third gold coin at 2-5 neIf you know how please contact me asap" _
70 ran : wat can I say more ..*shake head*

10."Ko :The deadly single eyelid attack!Ahh" _
77 ran : rofl~ Shigeee , u're just so interesting LoL

11."Seriously, just how well are these two getting along with each other" _
4 ran : the power of billard !

12."Long-time friends can cross the language barrier even when the expression is wrong" _
12 ran : ...I didn't know that such tiny thing could have many meanings..

13."Whenever someone tells him he'd make a memo on his cellphone" , "Thanks for always providing the jokes for the serial Koyama Keiichiro" _
13 ran : I bet that Kei reads Wagahai's j-webs everyday lol

14."He is actually very mild-mannered" _
14 ran : rofl~~ 2 "ojiisan" complaining about noisy boy Yuyalol

15."After going to Hawaii we became closer than before and we play together more than once a week" ran : X] "Koyama-san is too 'careless'" "What should I do tomorrow !" "Koyama-kun, please contact me soon.I'll be waiting" _
24 ran : another eps of KoyaShige rabu lol can't get enough !

16."Koyama-san read 'P' as 'Pa'Then Yamashita Tomohisa would be Yamapa" _
26 ran : ..*shaking head* god bless our boy .

17."These two good friends have been feeling excited since the briefing" _
27 ran : one of reasons I'm fond of NewS is it has KoyaShige :)

18."Kato Shigeaki seating next to Koyama Keiichiro in his car" ran : hey Wagahai , u do not need to reveal such thing LoL "While feeling sorry for Nyanta, Kato Shigeaki is grateful that they were able to have a laugh over it, Get well soon Nyanta" _
29 ran : awww.. Shigeee I think I'm falin for yaa ,u're just so caring to be loved !

19."I don't think there's any guy other than him who'd get this passionate about jyako !That face looks close to tears" _
30 ran : that guy is unic ne~~ Wagahai ?

20."You know what, these two are playing too much.They've been meeting every other day lately" _
31 ran : ..omgosh Wagahai !yamete u wanna them be in trouble or wat lol Shige dun't fall asleep anywhere anytime like that !! you miss ur train again man..

21."That night, perhaps because they were fascinated by that match that was brimming with manliness, both of them ate so many oysters at the oyster bar that you'd question if it's even humanly possible to eat so much" _
33 ran : I was wondering if they did do anything else beside shouting & yelling lol baka

so the story continues , no matter wat'd happen tomorrow , KoyaShige is still KoyaShige , and we love them ^__^

Ps : Quotes Credit Binan no Nikki :)
by Ran @ 1:56 PM  
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