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October 20, 2006
[Report] Teppan Girl - Maki Horikita

Hiiyaa minna , it's ran ^__^
Maki's drama will start this 15th ! Maki-chan's fans can't miss it ! I found the fans report at drama's official site , so I asked helena & rara for translation , really appreciate ur help , luve ya !
So Here it is the 1st Volume and go on .. Enjoy !!


*Pliz Do NOT redistribute or retranslate in other language without permission*


An unusual guest will be appeared on episode 1. Normally sports athlete doesn't appear on dramas but one of our staff knew him so he agreed to be on the episode. This athlete is Kusube Seiji san who is going to participate ANA international Marathon 2006 in Oct.15th. We needed someone who can play a customer who came to Chiyuki but got scared by Akane and ran away. And one of our crew knew Seiji san well so we decided to ask him if he was interested. We understood he was such a busy guy so we were sort of expected that he might turn down the offer but he gladly accepted it! We will have a marathon runner appearing on our drama!
The day of filming Seiji san seemed a little nervous. His line was only one word "Sumimasen" but he practiced so many times to prepare for the scene. The result of his practice, the scene was OK with first take! After hearing OK from our producer, Seiji san seemed so relieved. And Maki chan showed up and she gave her autograph on his uniform. Seiji san and Maki wished luck for each other. Seiji san wished Maki luck for appearing on the drama and Maki wished him luck for signing her autograph for his shirt. Seiji san will run ANA Beijing International Marathon 2006 with Maki's signature! It starts Oct.15th at 10:00 am. Don't miss it! Please cheer Seiji san with Maki!



At the end of Sept, we started filming at the set of Teppan-yaki restaurant "Chiyuki". The Chiyuki set looks so authentic and it has the "Old Town" atmosphere! Once Akane with apron entered, I fell into that I was in real restaurant. Maki really fits in!

Today's first scene was filmed with a lot of people such as Akane's friend, twin sisters of Yuzu and Mikan, Akane's cheering group (so-called Shitamachi Trio), and other extras. When assistant director introduced them one by one, we draw cheers. It's hard to describe but it's almost "too loud" LOL. After all, we had a fun time filming together.

In the afternoon, we filmed Akane and Ginzou's first meeting scene. And there was a part that Ginzou blasted out of tea onto Akane's face. That was such a great sheet of spray! After filmed, we were checking the scene with the monitor with Maki and she was so excited to see the spray and saying "wow! That's great! What a professional!" We really want you to watch this part! It was such a great professional work!



Other casts are also starting filming. Our filming site of Teppan Shyojyo Akane is so energetic! Let me show you a little bit of it. Tsukamoto-kun who plays Shinta whom Akane got a crush on tried to change his image! His hairstyle, fashions...we've never seen him like this. Especially the strange looking glass, he says without these pair, he can't play Shinta. It's seemed the pair of glasses is part of Shinta now. We can't wait to see Tsukamoto-kun's new charm!
I would like to introduce next is Katase Nana san who plays Saigouji Erena, a daughter of Saigouji Group. There are so many characters in this drama but she stands out the most.Erena is a female president so her costumes are gorgeous. Since Erena is a president,I need to speak politely... whenever I talk about Erena,I will speak politely. She has 2 secretaries and takes high-handed action from episode 1.But once she files a scene with one of her secretary, David Ito-san, it turns into a comedy show LOL In the drama, their relationship is a president and a secretary but off the set, their relationship turns completely opposite! They made us laugh all the time and we really enjoy that. You can see their good relationship on the screen so please look forward to seeing it!

The last is Jinnai Takanori san who plays Kurogane Ginzou. He claims to be a friend of Akane's dad. The first day of filming for Jinnai san was the day we revealed "Tetsuwagon" (a wagon that they will use for the drama) We are all surprised by the stunning design on the wagon. Soon after we started filming the scene of three of them, Akane, Shinta, and Ginzou, leaving the town, it rained really hard because of typhoon. We told them to come back to the backstage but they stayed in the wagon and had been chatting. In the drama, they don't look getting along well but in real life, they are really good friends. We are filming in such a nice atmosphere so please tune in Oct.15 at 9 pm!


Mid. September, Maki Horikita has started filming for the main role of "Teppan Shyoujyo Akane" It's been rainy days but the day she started, it stopped. She must have brought sunny.
Maki showed up with cute red jumper, khaki pants and also she was wearing a pair of Japanese wooden clogs with red thong that is so-called "Old town style". She liked the wooden clogs and showed me the pair saying " Aren't they cute? " with her smile. First filming scene was the part that Akane was running out. We were worried that she might have fallen because she was wearing the wooden clogs but without our worry, Maki ran over the bridge perfectly. She got OK for the scene with one-shot and we had a great start.

Next scene was that Maki was running out screaming from an expensive restaurant because she wasn't satisfied for their food. Maki had been running all day from first day of filming LOL. Moreover, she had to pull a food cart in this scene. She didn't show us any tiredness from last scene, and she ran perfectly this time again. She impressed all the adult stuffs. Next day, I asked her if she got any muscular pain and she said "Not at all" with her cute smile. I felt really old that day LOL. After running a lot, we filmed a scene with Teppan. It was a part Maki cooked Okonomi-yaki for customers around the Teppan. When we films Okonomi-yaki scene, it smells so good all over the filming set. Everybody was glued to Okonomi-yaki. Even Maki couldn't take her eyes off it. From here on, we will have to fight against our appetite. For your information, our lunch for the next day was Okonomi-yaki LOL.(rara)


Special Training !

This time, Akane, the character the Maki chan is playing, is a girl who manages a teppan restaurant by herself. For this reason, before the shooting starts, Maki was arranged to train and learn in a professional teppan house. That day, an eager Maki chan arrived early. " Shall we start now ? " and was full of enthusiasm. The first dish in episode 1: Butatama (a kind okonomiyaki- Japanese pancake)! In no time, the ingredients and the materials are all mixed and ready to be cooked. Here's a point of advice: Pay attention not to over mix the ingredients while pan frying the okonomiyaki! According to Shitahiro san, who is Maki's instructor, just somewhat mixing it would be fine. If you over mix it, it would be very difficult to obtain the taste and texture you want~ you can try it too!

Now, first of all 1 butatama is finished! The moment when she placed the okonomiyaki on the plate, an excited maki chan " yea, its done! Please try some" presented it to us, but she didn't try any and started to make the second one. Already captivated by okonomiyaki ? (laugh). Not for long, the second butatama is done." I bet it tastes better than the 1st one because I'm used to it already" Maki chan had a huge smile on her face. It seems as if she is already mesmerized by making delicious okonomiyaki!

And now, continuing on, making fried soba(yakisoba)!! Actually making yakisoba is the gateway to success in becoming a real teppan chef. Although it seems easy at the first glance, techniques such as the way in loosening up the noodles takes a long time to grasp, and not many people can be good at it. Out of the expectation of the master, maki chan mastered it pretty easily and even the thing master is most worried about: the handling of the gauntlet, maki chan did not seem to have a problem with it. Finally the yakisoba seems to be finished, although Maki chan only did this twice in a very short time, she seems to be accustomed to the handling of the teppan and was actually picking it up quite rapidly. And here, with a very satisfied look on her face, maki chan tried her own cooking. "Delicious! " she said.

Now, for the second part of the training: Frying 'Modan'. This teppan dish is one that really defines your skills. The skills include throwing 2 eggs on the teppan, half rotating the eggs on the ingredients and so on. This dish is quite distinctly different from the last 2 and you can see a perplexed Maki at first. But she gradually got the heck of it and was even praised and recognized by the teacher" she might cook this better than me! " We asked Teacher shitahiro, who gave Maki her 2 hours of special training about Maki's potential. And this is his reply" She is a very fast learner. If she ever quits being an actress, I really hope she'd come to our restaurant to help! " Hmm..if you think about it this way, then Maki would be the definite first choice in acting Akane. Please anticipate the shooting tonight! (helena)


The poster shooting of TBS autumn drama, which incorporates the theme of "food education" was held in the last ten days of august. The female lead this time is Maki chan who plays the main role in a drama series for the first time. The design for the poster is where the face of Akane, the character Maki plays, is magnified and you can see her holding a big gauntlet and standing in the middle of flames.
It makes you feel " wow that's hot! " and even the catch copy too " what's wrong with being hot ? " is exactly the same. Just by the poster and the catch copy, you can already feel the heat of the drama. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the filming of the drama has ferociously started! 15th October starting at 9 pm, watch out for it!!

Now, the shooting of the top batter, is Tsukamoto Takashi who plays Ichijo . "A hot stare" or "soften your features" Tsukamoto-kun quickly changes his expressions in according to the request of the camera man. Because he followed the cameraman's pace exactly, the shooting finished earlier than expected and he briskly went home. "Although I don't usually eat much, the character this time is a guy who's playful and eats a lot, therefore I work hard and use this chance to stretch my appetite! " said Tsukamoto Takashi. Yes, we're definitely paying attention to Ichijo who can eat all that he wants~

Appearing for the second time is Horikita Maki who will be playing the role of Kagura Akane . Maki, who is the main bijou for the poster is having a hard time holding the heavy gauntlets, crossing her arms together and stay in the same leaning posture. The angle and the posture must be maintained very precisely, therefore, Maki had to do the same thing over and over again. She even said this afterwards "I think I will naturally hold this pose whenever I use a gauntlet now" Not long after, she has yet to hold another gauntlet that's almost larger than her own face. It's weight training in some sense isn't it? Because of Maki's hard work, I have a feeling that the poster and the spot will definitely come out splendidly. Speaking of the spot, you can find it in the site where it's opened for browsing already.

*Pliz Do NOT redistribute or retranslate in other language without permission*
by Ran @ 2:26 PM  
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