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August 29, 2006
#12 Wagahai's

21:56pm mood : happy, sweet candy ^__^ yumm~~

konbawaa ^o^ minnaa , how are u goin' , hope everything's goin' the best for u ne~~
maaa~~ I dun't know where to begin .. I'm reading some NewS' members' entries and it's touching me alot , i mean A LOT . I know it may be not all the truth , but well I still want to believe in it :) akaka watastupidgirl lol

Right now I'm reading "The return of Wagahai Shige de aru" fr the beginning since i'm not hungry yet and i miss wagahai soso . well I just want to be sure that i didn't miss anything of that baka wagahai =^T^= If u dun't mind i'm only goin' to talk about this tonight , ma~~ it'd gonna be a verryy long long entry LoL JK ...

Can I borrow this symbol to use in my comment , hope it's allowed ^o^

Okay let me see , One ,

"It's been a long time since

Mmm? Did you call?
Who called for Wagahai?
There's no help for it Liking Wagahai that much? Seems that there's been too much of an increase in Wagahai's core fans and it’s become quite a social phenomenon? "

ran : iyaaaaa wagahai !!!
May sickness ? wth is it ? hum .."Lasting for one month, uneventful, no motivation at all for anything, nothing interesting sickness" .. kyaaa I have same XD .. euh wait ! is it a good thing ?

Two , Three okay Shigeaki , Tesshi & Massu went looking for Pi's BDay , sweet LoL ,3 NewS members in cosplay costumes Rofl~~ XD !!!
Oi Masuda Takahisa!Don't wear the eggplant !Besides it doesn't suit you !
Oi Kato Shigeaki !Don't wear the tomato !Nevertheless it suits you !

That baka wagahai is killin' me LOL

aww... :( I feel so bad .. First lesson , the other is so mean, bastard ! okay even he didn't do it on purpose ...ma~~ dun't be hurt Shige ne~ ? i have to admit that i didn't notice u before , but dun't worry NewS' fans won't forget u cuz u're a part of NewS ! If one day u suddendly disappear, people will worry and nothing goes right anymore , so stay w NewS ne~~ ;) *hug* *hug* *mouack*

the beginning of the conversation was enjoying , akak . but man~~ it's impossible ! another one ?? wth !? O_O in 2 first dayz consecutive , Shige GAMBATTE !!

Wat is with "I cannot fall in love with Koyama'eyes. " ?? LOLLL !!!
I DID WATCH 'Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru' !!! ^o^ and I was looking for the ramen shop part-timer worker LOL
NewS !!! pliz love Shige more !!~~

LoL Shige w his out-dated cellphone (it's still within the garantee ?) akak , attention Wagahai , dun't approach that guy's cellphone or u'll get exploded and i'll cry !! LOL XD

I love Shige being dorky , akaka annoyed by rabu rabu couple ? LoL I guess that becuz the boy is still single !! ^o^ hohoho find ur other part soon & u wun't be annoyed anymore !! LOL
wasp ? ? WASP ? ahh I hate it .. well once there're 2-3 appearing in my classroom during physic lesson , mann everyon got so scare of it LoL stupid wasp , give Shige's sleeping time back !!


Wake up at 4pm..
Watch tapes
5pm, got back to bed
night , get up, eat , watch TV

sugoiii lifestyle !! *ran gives her hands up* !!Rofl~~

*shocked mode*
*still in shock*
being straightforward is not bad , but beware when u open ur mouth to say something oh!
if someone did such comment on me , i would have been hurt too .. mann
I'm not a strong person , my heart is weak but my pride is strong !
"He has no confidence about his own acting ability and he's seriously worried.Maa ganbare Kato Shigeaki. People will grow and be stronger when they've been severely criticized. "
^ I really like wat u're saying to urself Shige , i think u're not weak at all !! gamabaree ne~~ ;)

I loveee loveee this entry !!
ShigexKeiichan =greatest friendship !
"He appeared as a guest on Koyama Keiichiro's radio show.
Maa the things these two said Very boring topics but they chatted for several ten minutes.
It felt like I didn't know whether it was the radio or backstage. But their friendship is great."

ShigexKeiichan = baka-est boys !
"Since two Select Sushis came, Koyama group and Wagahai group each ate one.
We did other work for 30 minutes. When Kato Shigeaki and Wagahai passed by Koyama group, we each quietly ate a uni (sea urchin) that Koyama Keiichiro didn't eat.
Koyama Keichiro noticed this and stared at Kato Shiegaki's face in silence. 3 seconds later,
Kei: "You ate my sushi "
Eh~ The Koyama Keichiro-san who seldom cracked really snapped.
Shige: "You don't eat uni right? "
Kei: "Uni? You didn't eat anything else? "

Small !His heart is too small. Not just his heart, his eyes got smaller too.
Where were the idol eyes just now? Where was the friendship just now? "

oh la la , those 2 are really too much , LOL
"Wagahai said that I was going to go to an omiai (marriage meeting) with Koyama Keiichiro-san's Nyanta, but a cat raised by this kind of narrow-hearted man cannot be trusted."
note : Nyanta is Keiichan's male cat , friend of Shige's Wagahai LOLLLL

baka baka bakaaaa !!!! but ran still loves both of them =^o^= !!!!!

Seriously it got my nerve , okay wat's goin' w this uni ??
Teacher: "You are completely different. This school has produced many musicians such as Southern's Kuwata Keisuke, Ozaki Yutaka, but out of the schools I've taught at you're the worst one at pronunciation.Boys are especially tone-deaf. "
^ I dun't know if it's a conseil or an humiliation ..wtf

I have to stand here , so sleepy , maa~~ arigatouuu Wagahai ne~~ though there's certain unpleasant moments but gamabaree Shige !!
I'll dream of you tonight , Wagahaii , night night

by Ran @ 1:52 AM  
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