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August 6, 2006

konbawa~~ it's 10pm ^__^

Just watched "Taiyou no Uta" the movie , and guess what , I cried ..
yeah , although I've said to myself before that I wouldn't watch sad movies/dramas anymore , but "Goodbye Days" changed my mind ..
Taiyou no UtaHave u watched "Sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu" ? the plot is basicly the same but somehow you still fall for it.
I found myself a little closeness to the main female character Kaoru, I also live at night but unlike her I'm healthy. The reason ? uhm .. I like the darkness in which you can't see anything clearly , in which everything has the same color and the same look .Once at night , when my parents are already in bed , me , I couldn't sleep , so I descend to the garden behind the house ..sit down on the grass , looking up that sky ,the lune ,stars , magnificient .. that feeling is unique :)
oaa suddendly I want to go out now .. ma~~ wondering if there's any stars tonight , it's just raining by .. uhm .. it's cold ..~

That's why now, I'm coming to meet you.
That's what I decided.
The song in my pocket,
I want to let you listen to it.
Raising the soft volume, To make sure it's just right.

Oh good-bye days, now I know things are going to change,
Until yesterday, so long unstylishly but staying gently by my side, that's why
La la la la la - with you

Passing you one side of my earphones
Slowly, in that moment when the music starts flowing
Do I have the ability to love you properly?
But sometimes I'll get lost.

Oh good-bye days, now It's beginning to change,
but deep inside my heart it's alright
Unstylishly but staying gently by my side, that's why
La la la la la - now with you

If I could,I don't want to think about the sadness
But you'll definitely turn up, won't you?
At this time,
With a smile,
Yeah hello my friend, how shall I say this?
It's fine even if I said it out loud
When I'm humming the same song
I wish I was by your side
I'm glad I met your uncool brand of kindness

La la la la Good-bye days..."

Tonight I've become pretty emotional ne~ feel little lonely though lol .
However this story is less dramatic than the others in the triologie , Yui's acting is really not bad for a debut , really cute , luve the way how Kaoru bumps into Koji and presents herself in front of him lol and Takashi's acting is not bad either but not really remarkable.. to sum up : IT'S A MUST WATCH !

I've just passed by Binan no nikki blog and I read something really interesting lol
Since when our Tesshi has become an adult ?? when when ?
When will our Keiichan become an adult ?? LOL

. Tesshi is 1yr older than me ne~ but I dun't see things like him at all , or maybe not yet !

*Step 10*
"In the past I was insensitive and never cared about everything, going at my own pace, but lately it's different.
I'm bothered by everything.
I get bothered by trivial things and what others say.
Shy in front of strangers.
My tears come out when I'm just slightly touched.
To put it in a good way, I've become emotional. Become an adult.
Become able to see my surroundings.
To put it in a bad way, I have fears. The child's heart in me is fading a little. "

is it really how u're feeling now ?.. does it mean u were just a careless boy before ?lol yeah .. "become an adult" that sounds nice ne~ ..just saying that "I'm not a child anymore !!" in front of ur parents makes u simply feel proud of urself ? am I wrong ? ^o^ but yet , u dun't know wat does it mean exactly in ur head .. and nobody mind telling u cuz it comes naturally ..Suddendly one day u look uself in a mirror and ask "Who are you ?" .. u've changed , u're an adult now !
which means "bearing many responsabilities"
which means "thinking twice before doin' something"
which means "caring about ur surroundings"
which means "being beaten by the others"
which means "being betrayed , being hurt"
which means "seeing the real world"
which means "feeling a bittersweet victory"
which means ... you can list it during whole ur life ..

oh man , I'm talking nonsense now , never mind ...

.However , I know someone , at least one , is still being retarded in his mind , or should I just call him "baka" simply ? LOL
Member love 161
"Ah-ah. Since when did I become the baka character?
Or am I a baka?
Why am I thinking of such things?
Isn't it all that Shige's cat's fault?
That baka cat has been exposing my actions
Lately somehow, I'm feeling that cat's presence....
Coming back again...?
I'll catch you at that time naa!!
Jyaa "

^ okay now u sound like a baka doggie chasing after a baka cat named Nana ! LOL
hum .. How old is he already ? 21-22 ? LoL no doubt !

A think just passes my mind , and if it was Keichan who took Akira's role in Nobuta ? XD uwaaahhhh !!!

Change topic , self confession ..

Recently I read Pi's diary less , gomee
Recently I lied to my mom on certain things , sorry mom .
Recently I feel I'm an insignifiant person -_-
Recently It's cold
Recently I'm falling for another idol than Pi X[ ahhh gomee nee
Recently I observe the neighbor's son playing soccer ..^__^
Recently I didn't call my best friend ..ma~~
Recently I really have fun talking to helena , muaa
Recently I feel happy cuz my blog has reached 100.000 visites ..
Recently a rumour about me is spreading around which i really dun't care lol

Okay that's all for this entry . Off to bed *yawn*

Ps : ohh I forgot , I just saw the Kurosagi's DVD Box's cover : bye bye~
by Ran @ 12:23 AM  
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