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April 30, 2007
=Tackey & Tsubasa

All about T&T

25.05.07 zoom in + mezamashi - Takki

21.05.07 zoom in - Takki 24 hour TV drama

ran: looks interesting ^__^

14.05.07 Zoom in - concert news

ran: kakoiiiii XD~

07.05.07 Channel a- Tackey & Tsubasa

ran: my Dad is fond of this too ..When I was little (~8 or 9), I deguised myself into a boy to be able to participate in the race (mini).It's different kind of cars though, it looked more like Formule 1, I'm not sure how it's called ma~ .I was very excited then cuz I alwayz like boyz' stuffs lol And we made a perfect team, my Dad & me.. In the end I won yay!! my Dad is a genius in making this type of mini race cars & I admire him so much. But I felt so bad that they discovered my identity (my long hair) & refused to give me the prize.. grr from that moment I just swear not to be a girl anymore. But my Dad smiled & told me "It's okay.., u made me so proud of myself already, having a such brave girl like you as my daughter."
, "Daddy ! I LOVE YOU~ " xxx I miss you so much...

27.04.07 Music Station -Oda Youji - Tackey & Tsubasa

19.04.07 X-Dame perf

ran: I can't believe that I forgot to update this perf *~*

* 08.04.07 Domoto Kyudai _T&T

*(PV) Crazy Rainbow _T&T

*(PV) X~Dame _T&T

ran: "dame dame dame dame dame dame giri giri.." rofl~ haha T&T as hosts, omg XD~ but why a blond ??

11.12.06 Channel a- Rasio Station TV_Imai Tsubasa

[DVD] Making of Two You Four You_T&T

19.11.06 SC premium medley

19.11.06 SC premium Tsubasa - Slave of love

ran : *candy eyes* ....." pliz be my boyfriend ~" kya kya

15.11.06 Mezamashi -live

10.11.06 Music Station Medley

25.09.06 Heyx3 Special Ho! Summer

07.09.06 Mezamashi -Takizawa Hideaki musical

ran : O_O papy Takki ?? ....

21.08.06 Zoom in -Imai Tsubasa solo con

21.08.06 Mezamashi -Imai Tsubasa solo con

ran : Tsubasaaaaa kyaaaaa XD~

21.08.06 Channel a Tackey & Tsubasa

13.08.06 Utawara -Talk & Ho! Summer Perf

11.08.06 Music Station -Ho! Summer~~
ran : ahh falling in love w "Summer~~" XD~ I like that how they change their outfits for each performance lol Takki+hat=^o^ ; Tsubasa(alone)=*o*

10.08.06 Mezamashi Baseball Live

10.08.06 Utaban -Ho! Summer perf

ran : I luve this perf kyyyaaa~~ best for ever , luve T&T (esp Tsubasa LoL), and chibi backup dancers are just so adorable XD the dance is sugoii, 100% energetic !!

10.08.06 Utaban- Talk Part 01

ran: so is it Pi's new hairstyle ? uwaaa , seriously I prefer Tsubasa's LoL

10.08.06 Utaban -Talk Part 02

10.08.06 Utaban Talk Last Part
ran : XD ahahahah this is just so funny "Dooo~~ Mii~~ SOOO~~" rofl~ T&T sugeee , LOL

10.08.06 Zoom in super Baseball live

ran : hoho Tsubasa doesn't know how to throw LoL

09.08.06 Zoom in -Ho! Summer pro

09.08.06 2 ji bita!-Ho! Summer dancing steps

ran: uhm the steps are not really hard ^o^ (edit: how can I not notice Tsubasa before ? ..he seems quite, not really talkative ,but man he has something that attracts me LoL )

08.08.06 Zupari iuwayo! Ho! Summer Perf & Talk
ran : "Ho! summer Ho ho! Summer~~" kyaa kyaaa
Tsubasa , a handsome gentleman appears w a bouquet rose (!smelting*), whereas our Takki came w only one rose LoL
And the word game w the balloon LoL Takki =kawaiiii !!
anyway , seriously,I think I have a hard crush on Tsubasa lol he looks so kakoii XD~

07.08.06 Heyheyhey- Ho! Summer Perf

04.08.06 Music Fighter Ho! Summer

[PV Full] Ho! Summer~
ran : kyaaaaaaa XD~ I want to go to the beachhh , yayy this Pv is just so exciting , funny and pluz Tackey is just so damn cuteeeeee !!! I can feel summer's scent in the air !! This is the best PV for this summer's vacation , "ho! summer , ho ho summer" XD!!

25.07.06 Mezamashi new single "Ho! Summer~"

by Ran @ 11:10 PM  
  • At August 19, 2006 at 1:13 PM, Anonymous haily88 said…

    girl you rock!! XDDD
    OMG i love Ho Summer!!the MS performance is my fav!!!>.<
    the song is catchy
    the dance is cute..n easy to remember..LOLL
    n the settings...woah!!its BEAUTIFUL..
    make me wanna go to the beach...aaahhh..
    ok..now i wanna go to the beachXD
    thanks a lot!!

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