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July 16, 2006
# 09

Konbawaa~~ how minna goin' ? it's 20 past 11 and I just woke up ! okay , just joking lol
I decide to write number 9 sooner than I expected,(!) cuz many things comin' up and as i'm an absent-minded person I will forget everything just a moment later lol
maa~~ I just talked to neru , our timer , apparently her Pc had something wrong but it's ok now .. ma~~ i'm happy ^__^ (for no reason~~ ekek) And I just recieved an email from helena , ma~~ *happy* After writing this i'll respond to u , dun't worry !

My head is full of NewS , ma~~ , "What is NewS meaning for me ?" , uwaa , that question ... (can anyone answer for me~~ ? lol)
uhm , now u say it , I still remmember the 1st time I've known NewS , it was becuz of Pi , no it was Akira , baka Akira ^.^ At that moment I didn't know a thing about Johhny's Ent lol , and when one of my buddies (yay she's the origin of everything ! ma~~) sent me a PV of "NewS" , it was wat yet ?.. uhm "Cherish" ? yeah that one .. And I was O_o ..........................

"Akira .. singing ?" uwaaaa ...
"Akira dancing?" uwaaaa...
"Akira in a jpop boy band ?" UWAAA..

That was how I've known NewS , quite ordinary ne~~, "Cherish" yeah , I wun't forget that song .. ma~~

Still at that moment my love for NewS is not really "true" , I mean , I luved "Akira" , not Pi , not the others in NewS (did not remmber their names lol) . That's the truth lol
Akira affects me a lot ne~~ XD I'd marry someone like him ! LOL

Actually reading :

Tesshi (dun't know since when tegoshi yuya becomes "tesshi" LOL) :
*step 4*
I like when it's raining , probably becuz it never rains here where I live lol it's sad ne~~ anyhow I find it hyper romantic , maa~~ . I love goin' to school in rainy season . In my natal country , there're only 2 seasons which are rainy & sunny one . I still remember when I was at 6th , I really liked a boy in the next class . One , after school it was raining really hardly , I did on purpose forgetting my umbrella and stand outside the classroom . (for what ?) LOL well .. I was waiting for someone comin' and ask me to share his umbrella (! lol) yeah .. that was really childish ne~~ oh i was a kid LOL . But it was in vain ... becuz even himself didn't have an umbrella (!) akaka ,I've had bad luck ne~~ , if I've brought mine , I would have shared it w him .. baka me

soo soo Tesshi , pliz dun't hate "rain" , it could trouble ur filming but who knows somewhere someone is sharing her/his umbrella w somebody else lol~~

*step 5*
Yeah he watched "Dandori" of Massu , maa~~ *happy*
Piercing ? oh I dun't have any !! ma~~ , it must be painful ne~ , well i dun't know how it feels but to the person u'll be in touch , ma~~ scarry X[
ROFL~~ I was cheated by Tesshi shirosagi !! uwaaaa XD "Keichan has 22 piercings" ? uwaa I believed in it LOL

member love 156 , Keichan ^___^
ma~~ yamate o ! stopp making fun of my cutie Shige lol he and his cellphone are not toys for kids !! LOL~~

"Shige ,This is our expression of love" uwaaaa , so sweet ^o^

member love 157 , Keichan (again ! lol)

muhahahahaha "that is so cute" ma~~ hey baka how can u put a red & a white T-shirt in once ? ma~~ XD baka Kei lol hey hey I'm dying seeing u in ur "pink" boxer underwear LOL aakakka
oh ho yeah u've said " a baka" , a "weak-brained" but hey he's just a kid LoL

ma~~ I miss wagahai~~ "Wagahaiiii~~"

Massu ,
yesterday I went out with my buddies .. well even so , they're all in couple ! so I find myself alone lol . We went first playing bowling :] IT was my 1st time !! yes yes it's was my 1st ! lol I've seen the others playing but I've never tried , this time I'll play ! 1st try , O -_- *depressed* maaa~~ okay it was 1st time lol then in order not loosing my face in front my buddies , I observed them secretly when they played , ma~~ their steps and all LOL then when it's my turn I try to do the same . And it works !! uwaa~~ sugoii ne~~ *happy* . I even did a "Strike" after that , yay yay !! so proud of myself heheh
Then we went to Mc Donald , yummy , though it makes u fat but ma~~ it's so delicious those Sundae (ice cream) lol
After that at 21.00 we went to cinema to see " Superman" !!!! hoho
As I said , my budies are in couple so they're all separated when we entered in the chamber .An I'm alone~~ ma~~ . But I did buy pop-corn (!) and holding it in my hands made me think of you , Massu !! ^_^ so i did attention for not dropping it , hehe . but it's hard , ma~~ , a bag one hand, pop-corn in the other *~*
The movie was really good , ma~~ I really enjoyed it XD Superman is so handsome !! kyaaaa .. but hey Superman has a son O_o , I didn't know that LoL . So in 10 yr when I get old , my child will go to cinema and watch Superman Junior !! , hohoho
It feels lonely , ne~~ , watching movie alone . and to make thing worse i was sitting just next to an air-conditionning ** uwaa , it was really cold , ma~~ compared to outside , ma~~ "I'll get a grippe" ..(luckily I dun't lol)

So so , now at least I know how it feels ^_^ Massu , next time find a partner to go w you so she/he can hold ur pop-corn while u're fitting ur seat , u can hold into her/him when u're frightened , with her/his warmth u can be sure that u wn't get a grippe after that LOL ... THat's all I want to say to you lol

Too much talk in the morning ne~~ ?

Okay i'll take breakfast .. uhm lunch ? well watever ^_^ then my boss my hero is waiting for me *yay* *yay*
by Ran @ 11:26 AM  
  • At July 16, 2006 at 5:17 PM, Anonymous Azin said…

    Yay, Ran-san, I'm the first one who leave comment of your diary again. I said I love reading it...
    Your head is full of NEWS, I dun think so. Like me, your HEART is full of NEWS, not only your head...I think so, hope it's right!!!! And "What is NEWS meaning to you?", I dun no, but to me, NEWS is my love, my heart, my everything...it sounds exaggerating, but it's true...
    The first time I met Pi, ahh, it was about 5 weeks ago, a very short time ne...And it waz bcoz of Akira too...I loved Akira alot, and I'm still loving himm.
    Then I found out who is YamaPi, and our beloved NEWS. I love YamaPi, the true YamaPi, not Kusano Akira...I love the cute Tegoshi desu~, the always smiling Massu, the cute Shige-kun and his cat, the sexy Osaka man Ryotan, adn of course, I love the handsome boys Uchi and Kusano (hope they will be back soon, Johnny-san, I'm begging you!!!!)...
    I loved NEWS the most when I had to prepare for my entrance exams...My head was full of NEWS so I couldn't learn anything...It's terrible...But I finally did well and now I hope that the result will be good...
    Ran-san, I know that asking this question maybe rude, but I really want to know whether you're Vietnamese...I'm Vietnamese (that's why my Endlish writing is not very good!!!), so i'm happy if you're viet too. If you dun want to answer, just skip question...
    And I want to say it again, I enjoy reading ur diary as much as Johnny boys's Jwebs...please write more, ok???

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