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July 2, 2006
# 05

July 2nd 2006 , 05.06 AM

konbawaa~~ minnaa , when u're reading these lines , i'm probably ZZZ...zz LOL ; oh yeah didn't sleep last night .. man .. sometimes I just wonder why I keep staying late at night and sleep over the day ?? it's a weird habit , ne~

uhm , my mood actually : sleepy (yeah u guessed it ?!)

what i'm gonna tell u today .. yeah foot !! hoho man , I'm so content for FRance's victory over Brazil .. honto I alwayz admire them, believe me , they were my fav when I was little! , hehe , now I'm living in FR , so my feeling changes direction ?? ..that can't help .. though I kept saying that FR sucks , "they're so old !" , "so slow!" ahh , but deep inside me , I really pray for them ^__^ , yeah I'm really contradict to myself .. anyways , FR can go this far in this world cup is something amazing , 8 yrs already , they've been "sleeping" over their "champion title" in 98 , now it's time to wake up !!
And England lost !! oh yeahhhhhhh , I admit that I hate that team , too arrogant for me , well , they have Beckham whom eng people think of like a "super star" , LOL ..honto
And Germany , arghhhh ... though I know it's insane thinking of that way but wat happened in the past is a reality !! you must know wat i'm talking about .. well , okay you say that's in the past , and we dun't have to do anything with it ? u have reason , yeahh , just forget it then ! forget about how all those bastards who killed over million innocents people just becuz of their fuckin crazy thinkings and racismisms ?!! , mannn .. Okay u may think that i'm crazy , but fuck off , i dun't care , those Germ , my thinkings of them wun't ever change !!
Edit : I hightlight that part , cuz it may hurt some people's mind .. gomee

Akaka u may be surprised cuz I look like a crazy fan of foot LOL that's true ^o^


uhm ...yesterday , my mom and I were going shopping ! yeahh .. well it was a kinda special "shopping" cuz we were looking for some furnitures for our garden ... to say that my mom luve decores (LOL) , and she really has talent on it ..well it was good that I decided to accompagn her .. she looks really cheerful showing me all sort of things .. We have passed a really good time together :) I found for me a new armchair !! yay mine was too old , have to change ! and plus this one can move , akakak
mom ,sorry for the last time that I refused to go to HALL with you , you know that i'm not fancy of clothes & jewelry (!) *~*

05.38 AM , this morning my mom will take the 1st train go to her work's place ... though she's not with me all the time , I still feel her present , her caring for me , yeah in my heart :) momm i love ya~~ ...

My exam sucked , maaa , I'm so sad T^T

haha recently there're random persons ask me the reason why i write all those , am I hoping for someone to read it ? am I copying someone (Pi ?)
mann .. i really dun't know what to answer , lol , certainly becuz i dun't know them and they dun't know me either .. so i dun't find any reasons to respond to them lol I dun't care if there's only one person in this world understands wat i'm doing ;
well at least u're not alone ^__^

OH , and in this occasion , i wanna say THANK YOU to all people , my friends , my buddies who alwayz support me all this time ^o^ really it's a big big present for me :)
thank you~~ *hugs*

wow sugoiii , u're still reading this ??? ^o^ love yaaaa !!

to my cutie cat Shige =^T^= : hontoo , hontoo , I have to meet u one day to see how it looks like the thing that made me become an "unloyal" Pi's fan ! LOL ...i dun't want to be called "unfaithful" ohhh LOL
But no , do u really believe that i'll fall for that .."kid" ?? akakak
reading his cat's jweb , but u have feeling of reading a "10yrs old" boy's cat !!LOL except for the unniversity life, without wat people can't recognize ur age !
exchanging game with ur buddy Koyama , even asking him for tips ! man , and wat , "multimillionaire" ? hahah i think u alwayz feel young despite how old u are ^o^ ne~~

it really doesn't stick to ur shots on mags recently , mann u look so hottt XD on it , but O_o man ur writing betrays urself LOL !!!

i want to say thanks to Rei , the person who translate his jweb , pliz continue ur hard work :) arigatouu !!

Can't wait for NewS' new drama comin' in few dayz !! yayy
maaa , so bad that i'll go to Spain on vacation for a week at this time !! well not big deal , i'll watch it when i come back LOL oh pliz dun't forget me when i'm not here , ekeke


maaa MR. Yamashita !! ("finally ran-chan talks about him !" , is it wat ya thinking ?LOL)
to Mr.Yamashita , I've few westions for u ,

1. Kitty what does it mean ?
2. about Johnny , I wonder if u'd do anything that the old man tells ya to do .. ?
3. how is ur unniversity's life ? little curious .. are u a good student ?
4. do u "really" like the other members of NewS , are u supporting them ?
5. did u watch 'Busu Koi' ? or "Gachi baka" ? or "nurse aoi" ?
6. do u find my westions annoying ? LOL
7. why are u alwayz writing touching things in ur jweb at the right moment that i'm gonna hate u (just nearby) ??
8. have u ever thought of leaving this spotlight life and turn back to a mundane life of a japnese man ?
9. do you love ur girlfriend ? have u ever lied to her ? been late ? or betrayed her ?
10. are u still reading this ? MR. Yamashita ???


dun't get confused LOL akak even if he's looking at this , he wun't get a thing !! akaak


go to bed ... night everyone ....

by Ran @ 6:26 AM  
  • At July 2, 2006 at 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey ran
    i used to love your blog alot, but now i´m not sure if you´re aware of what you have said...

    i´m german and our generation is as angry as u about the mistakes in the past, but u can´t just affirm that all german people are racists

    i mean maybe you´ll laugh about it but i was really shocked when i read your entry and i almost began to cry because of your anger....

    now i don´t know what to say, but i´m not a racist and many of my friends belong to other countries so don´t say such things about people u don´t know!

    sorry if it sounds aggressiv that was´nt my intetion, but right now i´m really sad and i don´t know if i can get this out of my head for a long time...

  • At July 2, 2006 at 3:18 PM, Blogger Nomanymore said…

    hii "anonymous" ,

    well okay , I get ur point . I think I was little strong with my words on my entry .. this is not my habit talking about those things on my entry , but well I did ..
    you know why ?
    me too , I was crying , a lot , I just wanted to scream when my teacher showed me the docs about "that thing" of Hitler ..
    and after that , I'sd think that i wun't get out of my head those imgs ...
    it's a really sad & cruel reality ..

    And one thing that I want u to know , the other day , I watched on TV , they interviewed a Germ's supporter , and wat he said ?
    " We dun't have to do anything with the Second World War , this is not our poblem, we're young and we have everything now , we'll win !" and the way he talks .. man I just want to beat him !mman

    I dun't know if i'd say sorry , yeah I'll only say it to u and those who really get consience about what happened and not try to avoid it ..


  • At July 2, 2006 at 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    í know it´s a shame, we should´nt say that it has nothing to do with us because it´s our past,... u can´t imagine how much i cried when our history teacher showed us these terrible pictures ...

    when i read that comment from that supporter i want to beat him too,... it´s nonsense

    but those people are stupid and i hate them, when i hear them i´m ashamed to be german because i feel so sorry for what happend in the second world war...

    i think we should try to learn from that cause war is really the WORST

    maybe i was a little too emotional about it, but it was really hard to read that,... i hope people from other countries don´t think that all germans are racists ...

    so lets just change the topic because it´s too sad

    p.s. but i also don´t really want germany to be champion, they´re also a little arrogant, i wished it would be brazil, but thats somehow impossible *sight* ^-^

  • At July 2, 2006 at 3:56 PM, Blogger Nomanymore said…

    akak you know sometimes I'mm little .. how to say .. "little out of " so I just can't control my emotions ..

    I was scared that u wun't come back to my blog LOL *be relieved* that u come back and read my reply !

    Really sorry if my words hurt u , i didn't mean hurting anyone's feeling !

    You dun't have to worry , cuz I think people dun't think that way anymore .. life continues , they left behind all those sad things , though certainly really hard to forget , but I think we suppose to , cuz we can't live in the past forever on ^_^

    I really (really ) hope that not becuz of wat i was saying , you will hate me ^o^ , pliz dun't , just think that i'm crazy is okay ..akak I prefer making a friend than have an enemy lol

  • At July 2, 2006 at 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    no, no how could i hate u ^-^
    i know too much about u since i started to fall in love with ur blog *lol*

    making friends is more fun than argue about the past xD

    so feel relieved, ur not the only one who is crazy sometimes ^0^

    but in these days i could be angry about johnny and his stupid ideas *gg*

  • At July 2, 2006 at 5:42 PM, Anonymous schnuffel1311 said…

    yeah it´s an impertinence how some germans talk about serious things like that

    i really hate it cause i´m german too and i don´t think that you can talk about policy if you´re supposed to talk about the world championship -.-´

    stupid man, you can´t connect football with policy, that´s crap!!!

    i think sport should be fun and not an opportunity to show your political view *sight*

    some people don´t learn anything, yeah you shoul´d´nt forget it that´s right

    but people should stop to live in the past

    i´m often abroad and i can tell you that most people just want to connect with each other and make friends, they don´t want to live up the past, they want to make the NOW better!!!

    ^^ we should just be happy that we´re living in 2006 and have opportunities like the internet to conect with people all over the world.... *lolz*

    so that´s it ,... i´m also not angry at u, you got overboard that´s all ^^

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