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May 12, 2006
[Kurosagi Report] Episode 03 : eyes' trick

well well , everyone we've arrived to the 3rd report ^_^ hope u enjoyed the last one and the one before that too , akaka . All ur comments make me feel being helpful , arigatouuuu minnnaa ;)

* Spoilers , dun't read it if u dun't want to *

flashback to the previous eps , Kurosagi asked his neighbour Tsurara (who couldn't understand a thing of Kuro) to leave .. though Kuro was crying in front of that person .. something he has never done before ..

In the 1st scene , LOL , Kuro's cat is missing , and where else it can be ?? in Tsurara's room of course , aakak , i think this cat attached to Tsurara now ... it's comprehensive LOL

i wonder if pi does it on purpose or it's written on the script (?) , but the way he bumps over ...
yeahhh , Akiraaaaaa desuuu ^u^

well well , first meet ,
Kuro : came out ! the poor girl
Tsu : (not a word)

Kuro follows TSu ? akaka , i'm sure he is !! LOL he's always pretending ^o^ baka

just wonder if they enjoy themself fighting like that each morning ? akaka it really doesn't bother me seeing them like that ... hontony , now they dun't realise that yet but after when one's not here , the other will feel lonely ..for sure
argh one is left , another comes , why is she there at the morning, doesn't she have anything to do ? i begin disliking that gal , annoyed !
She's asking Kuro for help , her friend is swindled .. and wat Kuro said ? " is meeting swindlers your hobby ?" akakakak LOL

Attention fan gurls , Kuro (Pi) likes ice cream !!!
is it obvious ? but look at him , omg , akak i bet that becuz he doesn't have to pay for this ...

I like what Kuro said to the gurl at the end
"see , you just believe everyone is generous,
i'm here just to buy information from you
the fee for that info , your money
I will cheat back from him ."
that's why guyss , u shouldn't believe in stranger , dun't talk to them , just ignore them , if u're alone , just enter somewhere , for instance , a shop , or a park where there are many people !

Kuro learn also fr her friend that Tsurara wants to be a prosecutor ...

at the same time , Tsu is on an interview , she's looking for a part time job , she wants to earn money in order to leave her appart asap ..

this is his next target , a gem swindler (jewelry)

no matter wat he deguises into , i still recognize him , yay , omg , i luve it when he does a little geste like that each time , yaaa so cutee man

"The beginning of a new love " (???? WAT ?!!!)

I knew it , Tsu's friend (i think her name is Yui) will fall for Kuro soon or later , ahhhh
and Tsu ? " That person is just a criminal" .... -_- , why is it turning out like that , nandeee ???

1st phase : identity's trick

Kuro presents himself as "Shimasaki" who is going to get married ; then he uses this employer's name Souma face to Shimiyu Tadayuki the swindler .. but the last is not that easy , he checked out the name , and then he asked Kuro about a "ghost" employer in White Bridal on purpose to see if he's really from it ... Fortunately , our Kuro is also an intelligent guy so his response was correct ... there's no employer with this name in White Bridal ! it was close mann ....

2nd phase :

In order to make the swindler trust him , Kuro buys a ring from him .. then he let the man waiting for a while so he can check the amount ..

i luve that part , yayyyy , Pi's eating noodle , Pi's way to cut an apple , Pi's playing card , video games , brushing teeth , Pi's sleeping , kakoiiiiiiii !!

as long as u have ur victim's trust , you win the partie ...

arghh , Yui's there again , is she having fun intervening to other's life like that !?

She even wants to go into Kuro's room ? O_o that gurl is something oh , so direct , akakak
thanks go d , Tsurara appears at the right moment LOL

Yui said that she wants to know more about Kuro , about his tastes , his family .. when she mentioned that word , Kuro sudendly stands back ... Tsurara reminds of the last time , she overheard the conversation between Kuro and the detective , that Kuro is trying to avenge his family ..

Kurosagi keeps making affair witht the swindler .. now he talks about a bigger command 50 million yens !!

When Tsu's delivering coffe , by coincidently , she saw Kuro leaving from the restaurant ..
and that's how the Old man knows about her ! ... argh i dun't have a good feeling ...

TSukuro !!!! their chemistry is just so obvious & strong , kyaaaa , they look like new-weds when they're walking together LOL , akakak .
When Tsu mentioned about the restaurant , Kuro was little surprise , i think he scares that Tsurara may know about the Old man ...

Tsurara feels like Kuro is hiding something , she decides to do a research on him,

she found out what really happened to Kurosaki's family , she feels guilty for wat she's said to him .. she wants to say pardon to him ... but she didn't do it ..

Yui found Tsurara strange cuz she didn't criticize wat she said about Kuro anymore .. of course , now she undertands wat happened to him ! ....

Last Phase :

Kuro organized a double rendez-vous with the man and the employer , at the same place , same time . He wants to cheat the swindler's eyes . In that valise there's nothing like money but just brochures for marriage ..

After recieving the ring that he commanded , Kuro gets off , letting the 2 behind ..

the diamond is so bigg mannn , and Pi is so cooollll kyaaaaa

when the swindler realized that he was swindled , he becomes crazy , and out of control !

and Kuro deguised as a waiter , yayayay , he looks so cute LOL , last word for the swindler ?
"Thank you , as always"

last scene already ,

Tsurara is waiting for Kuro , as always , but Kuro seems not really pleased to see her ..-_-

He said that he knew she wants to be a prosecutor , that's why she was always talking stupid thing .. (about justice)

He asks her to leave .. She says she just learnt about his family's accident 6 years ago , and she feels bad for not knowing that and yet talked to him with such maniere ..

"I dun't need ur cheap sympathy"

"Just move out quickly"

"IS doing this makes you happier ?"

She's crying , Tsurara's crying in front of Kuro , ahhh , if my eyes are not wrong , Kuro seems to be weeping too , ... did u realized that u made a gurl crying for u ? hein ?

* This is probably my fav eps ^o^ until now , i like the actor who plays the swindler this time , his acting is really amazing ... omg , he's a well known actor after all , yeah.
* Pi's acting is improving , man , after watching eps 01 & eps 05 , wow
* Tsukuro , this couple , how to say , i really dun't know what will happen to them in the future , this kind of luve is not forbidden , but yet , it's quite hard fo Tsu to accept Kuro , and Kuro who has never opened his heart to someone , will he be touched this time ? i really hope so .. akakak
* well after this eps , i'll tell my mom be more careful , akak cuz she looks like the victim in this eps , LOL fonds of jewelry , akak .
* I won't talk to stranger , even he has a good looking or wat , akak
I luve this drama , learn a lot from it !!!

Miinnaa , when you're reading this line , it's the end of the report , akaka .. i'm really happy that u're here , it means that u read all the report , and it means also that it was good , akaka .
Arigatou for everything , for supporting me until now , aya!!! See ya next time ;)
Do u have anything to say , a westion ? Just let a comment for everyone ^o^
by Ran @ 8:17 PM  
  • At May 14, 2006 at 5:08 AM, Anonymous Robina said…

    WOW!!! I am the first one read your report *smiles*
    I really like this epsiode....i just was it yesterday.

    These is a scene when Yamapi knows from Tusr about that resturant when she deliver the coffee...i was afraid...I think that old man is up to something *i really hate him* I hope nothing happen to KurosaKi or her....THAT!! OLD MAN and his mind...he like to play with Kurosaki feels and mentally!!!

    Thankxx alot for the report and the caps too ~_^ Can't wait to see the next episode

  • At May 14, 2006 at 6:47 AM, Blogger yuki said…

    hey Ran

    Thanxx alot for this REPORT.Its amazing.

    I like this eps too^^.Tusr break my heart when she cried :( .It sounds that their relationship will be better .
    I hope so ^0^ .I want to watch eps4 NOW!!!^u^

    Thanx again

  • At May 15, 2006 at 1:48 PM, Anonymous vitch said…

    thanks for such a wonderful report! With this, I can get through raws without having to come back to subtitiles! You're the best!

  • At May 15, 2006 at 4:02 PM, Anonymous Koishi said…

    Ran, thank you very much for the ever esaustive report and the awesome screencaps!! (^3^) *chu*

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