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March 27, 2006
[Kurosagi Report] Episode 2 : Friendship

Here I am !! yataa , gomeee for the delay .. i was out of myself recently , completely forgot my work ^_^ . Well this is the report for the 2nd eps !

ATTENTION OF SPOILERS (If you didn't watch the eps yet)

Episode # 02 : Friendship .

After the 1st eps , we can get the idea of Kurosagi's lifestyle .. how can i say , well , "cheating the cheaters" and return the money to their victims .. Kurosagi himself was a victim too , that's why he wants to eliminate ("eat") every one of them ...

In this Eps , Kurosagi meets up a childhood friend named Satoshi (Koyama fr NewS)

Satoshi was his only friend when he went to school , their friendship happens that moment ...

Kurosagi seemed to be happy .. I guess . I wonder if that moment is when after the accident of his family or before .. If it's after Kurosagi must have been really lonely thereafter , until the day Satoshi appeared .. :)

They go for a drink , Kurosagi thinks of the first time he meets Satoshi.He smiles (yeah it is rare to see Pi's smile in this drama LOL)

Kurosagi's next target is a Akasagi , a woman who plays with men's feelings to take advantage from them..

Akagasi is one of swindlers types , it plays on the opposite sex's feeling to cheat their money or just simply for fun ..

Big first surprise of this Eps , Satoshi is in fact Kurosagi's target's little brother !! And he's also a swindler like his sister ... I dun't know why , but i have a certain think that the Old man did it on purpose , choosing a friend of Kurosagi as his target to get down . . . hum

One more time , K doesn't let us down with his deguisement !

Big 2nd surprise in this Eps : Tsurara !! yeah she now decides to leave her uncle 's house to live on her own .. and it happens that she became Kurosagi's neighbour ! (is it what we call "fate" ?!)

yay , i especiallly luve K's cat ^_^ , black cat brings bad luck !! you talk ! i dun't believe in stuff like that LOL ... If you remark , this cat appears in front of Tsurara's room , just like "Tsurara-chan , come here , come here! i have something to show you~~" , it's just so cute !! This cat is like a bond between Tsurara & Kurosagi ^o^ .. i wonder how the director did with the cat to make him obey like that ! (even a cat has a great acting ! yo)

Tsurara's reaction ? ---> Shocked !!!!!! "impossible !!!"
Kurosagi ?? ---> "This is my house so what ?!!!"

This is also the first time Tsurara's friend meets Kurosagi (i forgot her name , check it later) . She finds him cool LOL , yeah cool and sugoiiii !

About Tsurara's friend , she's in a rich family but apperently she's not leading a happy life as others think ..

? How to deal with an Akagasi ?

Lesson 1 : Approach your proie ...

Lesson 2 : Don't let it go away , stick on it !!

Lesson 3 : Make an innocent look , and smile stupidly .

Lesson 4 : Show yourself ! "I'm rich , see ?"
(Kuro does it on purpose ? he chose a pair of used shoes ?!!!)

The result ? it's in your hand !!!

For a swindler like that , money is everything .. (well for other swindlers too ?!)

Back to real life .. it's Tsurara !! yeah , each time i see them together , my heart aches , my head turns around @o@ , help !!!

Just in front of Tsurara , Kurosagi shows himself .. mean and rude !
"Are , see how you talk to your landlord ?!!"
" It's my cat , so dun't feed it casually"
yeah that's why she hates you , stupid Kuro ! (ousp sorry i've gone little far with my stupid comment :p )
but wat is it ? Tsurara's friend appears suddenly !

This is probably my fav part of Kurosagi , uhm ^_^ , confusing between friendship and his own duty ... how can we choose ?...

I always wonder wat is the Old man does each time ? he's planting something ?? it's a vegetable that he eats ?? no idea ^^

When Satoshi talks about what he's actually doing to Kurosagi , K feels guilty , he just can't let his friend continue that way .. he doesn't want his friend to be like him , a swindler ..

When Kcomes home , someone is waiting for him ..

well , no comment for this scene , high tension !! the agent now knows where Kurosagi is , will he catch him ?!

K acts like a baka , the agent laughs . He must remind of the last time that he let K go just in front of hm .. But this time he remember K's face and he has intention to catch him no matter how ...

"Just wait for it !"

Lesson 5 : Convince ur proie to believe you .

If she's still not convinced ?

Lesson 6: Impresse ur proie with the number $

(there's always someone who's observing u !)

so beware urself , the best way is acting like a baka !!
"I dun't know what you're saying !"

Like a coincident , Tsurara's friend is in fact a victim of Satoshi . Knowing that , K want to warn her about him but she just doesn't listen to him ..

YATAAAaaa , Tsurara & Kurosagi's scene !!! yooo .. well though they're still arguing . Kurosagi says that she never understands the meaning of his doing ..

I enlarge this pix , cuz it took my attention .. take a look , do u see the long yellow line between them ?! yeah , just like a frontier , remember the opening clip ? there's one too !, i mean there's always something (like an obstacle)that separate the two .. yay i luve this kind of love tale , though it never ends a happy way -_-

aie aie aie , Tsurara still having this look towards Kurosagi ... how can K be so undifferent ?!

I quite luve this scene , when the swindler greets another swindler , it's one or the other !!!!

I think this eps focuses a lot on Tsurara's friend ^_^ . At the last , K helps her to find out the reality , and she admires him .. (heyy Kuro , did i tell you not to be so good to gurls ? u'll make them confused & everything will be too complicated later !! baka Kuro !)

This is most touching moment in this eps (for me) , betraying someone is something unacceptable , betraying a friend is impardonable .. that what I was thinking at that moment .. I'm just unable to do something like this .. but Kurosagi , i wonder what he has in his mind ..

"It's for your good .."
"Why ??!"

"Because you're my friend ..."

"Does it feel good ? betraying a friend like that ??
Why dun't you jump over here and save your precious friend right now ?"
". . ."

I can't really understand Kurosagi , really confused , he is supposed to eliminate every swindler but it doesn't mean that he doesn't care about wat we call idignity in a relationship . He may be thinking for Satoshi , he doesn't want him to follow his paths later , but that way is a little harsh , dun't u think ? Both of them must be hurt . This is just so sad to see a friendship ends up like that ..

the last scene !!! (omg , this report is so long >.< , I need a message in urgent! LOL) , well ..
Tsurara is waiting for Kurosagi at home ..(like a wifey ? akaka LOL okay okay i'll stop now !) . She is always confused about her landlord , what kind of person is he really ? why is he a swindler ? . ..
K suddenly remembers of the scene of "that day" when everything in his life fall down .. when his dad stabbed him , it was not killing him but it took away all the trust he has to human , to life , there's always that scar in his heart ..

But but , i can't help but yelll "Stupid KUROOOOO !!!" why ?
"PLease leave immediately !" -_-
He asks Tsurara to leave ??!! oh , are you right in ur mind ? baka baka bakaa

would anyone one could understand his feeling ? Tsurara ?
will she be the one who gives back the light in Kurosagi's world ? ..
In next eps she will find out more about Kurosagi's past ,perhasp , she will think differently about Kuro ^_^

THANKS For reading this !
IF you've been reading until here , u're really amazing , luve you ^o^ *huges*
Hope you enjoyed it !! And see yaaa soon !!! Bye biiii....cycle !!!!

------------- { Preview for Episode # 03}

by Ran @ 2:54 AM  
  • At April 27, 2006 at 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i love reading your report...!!! hehehehe! never get bored!
    thank you so much for sharing everything....

    bye bicycle...

  • At April 27, 2006 at 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i like reading your report for kurosagi...
    everytime i read it.. it's make me really excited..
    thanks for sharing it...

  • At April 27, 2006 at 5:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    arigatou ne for sharing this!
    Im crying while watching the last part of episode two!! ha ha ha ha haa~~~


  • At April 27, 2006 at 5:22 PM, Anonymous Koishi said…

    This drama is great, Yamapi is hot and your reports rock!
    I can't wait for next ep XD

  • At April 28, 2006 at 10:02 AM, Anonymous Neru said…

    Lovely report! I felt like screaming when Kuro asked Tsurara to leave - are you crazy Kuro??????

  • At April 29, 2006 at 4:03 AM, Anonymous mika said…

    I really like to read your report!!
    its say all the things I thought when I watching it!!
    about the characters~what they think, why they act like that!! its just a fun time to read~^^

  • At April 29, 2006 at 2:36 PM, Blogger yuki said…

    Thanxxx so much for this report .Really

    Ilike to read ur reports ^^ .Its fun ^^

    Thank you very much for ur hard word but i hope to watch this eps with English Sub Can u help me ?



  • At April 30, 2006 at 4:33 PM, Blogger Nomanymore said…

    So glad that you luve it ^o^

    I'll try to do better for the next eps , cuz it's my fav eps until now >.< , it might be the longest !! LOL

    @ yuki : you can watch eps 02 with ENg HS on Youtube


    hope you enjoy it !!

  • At May 10, 2006 at 7:13 PM, Anonymous Robina said…

    I just saw both episodes 1 & 2. I really like this drama.

    I was really shock and felt sorry for Kurosaki and his friend....what an ending.

    I agree with you Ran about what you said about that old man...i feel that he knows that this is Kurosaki friend.

    This episode let me cry and feel pain in my heart.

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